Found a great new Android tablet

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Found a great new Android tablet

I used it for navigating on my drive to Utah, as a general use tablet, along with Android games (which run quite well despite being a midrange SoC and GPU). If I buy a BT keyboard, it could easily double as a productivity device despite lacking split screen/floating windows.

The biggest con to this tablet though, is one of it's greatest strengths - Verizon. It's locked to their network and only supports their bands.
The second con that most will consider the biggest one is that the capacitive touch keys used for navigation aren't backlit! They aren't backlit on the Z500M, Asus's non-branded version of the tablet (which is slightly better as it has 4gb ram, Z-Stylus support and 64gb storage), which is a bizarre decision on Asus' part.

you can also cehck: Social Media platform video

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