VHS to DVD Conversion Not Working

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VHS to DVD Conversion Not Working

I wonder if anyone can help, please. I'm trying to digitalise some VHS Video Cassettes.

I've just bought a USB VHS To DVD Audio Video Converter Adapter. This includes an Easycap "card" and Homesearch VHStoDVD 3.0SE software. I have an Alienware X51 machine running Windows 10.

I've installed the software (the software cd states it is the Windows 10 version) and connected up the kit from the USB port to my VHS deck using the wiring provided. The programme opens fine with a blue screen but when I play a video cassette the blue screen doesn't change - i.e. it remain blue. (Earlier today I tested out the VHS player I'm using for this exercise by playing a cassette successfully through a TV screen) The yellow/green light on the "Easycap" card remains illuminated throughout.

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